Large Signs

 Aluminum & Alumalite Signs 

4’x8′ Aluminum Sign – Contact Us

4’x8′ Alumalite Sign – Starting at $372 (1 Color, 1-Sided)

4’x8′ Alumalite Sign – 2 Sides – Starting at $459 (1 Color, 2-Sided)

Additional Options
Additional Colors – $.05 per sq. in. of additional color
Custom Logo/Graphic Artwork – $35/hour



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Caution Signs

These FUN signs come in two different shapes and sizes. Add any stock graphic or contact us for custom graphics!

18″ x 24″ $26 includes border and one stock graphic

Reflective Vinyl – Additional $8/running foot ($8 min)

Additional Color – $5.50 each

Additional Graphic – $8 each

Custom Graphic – $35/hour art charge


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Magnetic Signs

Take ’em anywhere! 24/7 advertising!  Magnetic signs adhere to steel surfaces! Great for businesses on the go! Easily removable and transferable!

12″ x 18″ – 
$60 (pair, one color)

12″ x 18″ – $70 (Pair, two color)

12″x 24″ – $80 (pair, one color)

12″x 24″ – $90 (Pair, Two Color)

18″x 24″ – $120 (Pair, one color)

Additional Color – 
$10 per color

Add a Border – $5 per color

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Real Estate Signs

Never miss another sale!

For the busy real estate agent on the go. Real estate signs are your personalized advertising in front of each of your listings. They come in durable white aluminum, printed on both sides and include a simple frame.

Basic Real Estate Sign – 
$70 (one color, no graphic)

Additional Colors – $10 per color

Add a stock graphic – $10

Add a custom logo/graphic – $35/hour art charge












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4 x 8 outfield sign

Stadium Signs

Choose from three different substrate materials; aluminum, corroplast or alumalite. Add any of our stock logos or add a custom logo – make each sign unique to each sponsor.

Sizes & Substrates
4’x8′ Aluminum –
 $200 (one color)
4′ x 8′ Corroplast – $109 (one color)
4′ x 8′ Alumalite – $300 (one color)

Additional Costs
Reflective Vinyl – 
$6/running foot ($6 minimum)
Shadowed Letters – $10/color
Additional Colors – $10/color
Chrome or Silver Vinyl – $6/running foot ($6 minimum)
Holographic Vinyl – $6/running foot ($3 minimum)
Custom Logo – $35/hour art charge

Substrate Colors
Stock colors are White or Black.

Additional colors:
Red, yellow, Green, Maroon, Bronze, Purple, navy Blue, Columbia blue, Silver and gold – available at additional cost. Please call for quotes.

Stock colors are: Green, Navy, Red, White and Yellow


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Stall Signs

Customized aluminum stall sign

Stall Signs

Display your show animal, student’s name and FFA or 4-H chapter at stock shows and sales. Be sure to check out our black aluminum signs! They look great with fluorescent markers – a great way to list genetics on sale animals.

Available Sign Colors
White, Black, Burgundy,  Medium  Blue, Forest Green, Navy, Caution Yellow, Red

12″x18″ Stall Signs

Single Sided  –  $29 + s/h
Double-Sided* –  $39 + s/h

18″ x 24″ Stall Signs
Single Sided  –  $39 + s/h
Double-Sided* –  $54 + s/h

*not all colors available in double sided—-Please call!!

Each stall sign includes 2-3 lines of print and 1 stock show-animal graphic in one color.

Customize Your Sign

Additional Stock Logo – $8.00 (one color)
Custom Logo – $35.00/hour (one color)
Holographic Vinyl – $3.00/foot ($3 minimum)
Reflective Vinyl – $6.00/foot ($6 minimum)
Chrome or Silver Vinyl – $6.00/foot ($6 minimum)
Additional Colors – $5.00/each
Diamond Plate – $9.00 Additional Per Side

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Tips for Magnetic Sheet Users

 Surface Preparation
The magnetic sheet and metal surface MUST be clean and dry.  In any outdoor application, such as car signs, the metal surface should be waxed.

Magnetic sheet holds best to flat surfaces and surfaces reasonably curved in one direction.

When the magnet is placed in the wrong position, remove the magnet and realign.  DO NOT pull the magnet to realign when it is against the surface, as the magnet may stretch due to the resistance caused by the high magnetic strength.  Make sure the entire magnet is against the metal surface (no air pockets).

Some moisture and dirt will collect between the magnet and metal surface, particularly in outside applications (car signs).


The magnet is more pliable and easier to work with when it is near room temperature when applied. When storing in rolls, wrap the coated surface on the outside to avoid the possibility of wrinkles.