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Heavy Duty Banners

4' x 10' heavy duty banner

16 oz. Opaque vinyl banners.

Our heavy duty banners are  made of 16 oz. opaque vinyl, double sewn with 1″ nylon webbing and 5′ ties. Grommets are set at about every 2 feet.


  • One Color — $5.90/sq. ft.
  • Two Color – $6.90/sq. ft.
  • Three Color – $7.90/sq. ft.
  • Additional Colora $1.00/sq ft. each


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Econo Banners

2' x2' Vinyl banner

No Stitching

Our Econo-Banners are made of the same 16 oz. opaque vinyl as our Heavy-duty Banners, but without the stitching. Grommets are set in reinforcements in the corners and at about ever 2-3 feet. These banners are perfect for indoor displays or short-term outdoor displays.


  • 1 Color – $3.60/sq. ft.
  • 2 Color – $4.60/sq. ft.
  • 3 Color – $5.60/sq. ft.
  • Additional Colors $1.00/sq ft. each
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Banner Enhancments

Customized vinyl banner

Customize your banner

We can jazz up your banner in may ways.


  • Stock Logos: Includes
  • Custom Logos: $35.oo per hour
  • Holographic Vinyl $3.00 per foot ($3 minium)
  • Reflective Vinyl $6.00 per foot ($6 minium)
  • Chrome or Silver Vinyl ($6 minimum)



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Caring for your Sign Farm Vinyl Banner

Be sure the banner is securely anchored

  • If used outdoors, be aware that wind can exert considerable force on the banner.
  • Spread the banner tight, but do not stretch too tightly. It may sag slightly.
    Light bungee cords may be used, but do NOT use tarp cords.
  • Lightweight “zip ties” may also be used to tie down.

Long Banners

  • Guide wires need to be attached above and below the banner.
  • The banner should be attached to the wires at each grommet, then stretched taut by tying the banner ties.

Store in a cool, dry place

  • Do not fold the banner.
  • Roll no smaller than a 3 to 5 inches inner diameter.
  • Always roll the vinyl banner with the letters to the OUTSIDE.
  • Handle carefully to avoid damaging the lettering.

Cleaning your banner

  • Clean the banner with water and mild detergent
  • Do NOT use an ammonia-based cleaner